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Meet Never Lost Earrings – Creators of the Stud Earring and Jewelry Organizer

We create jewelry and stud earring organizer displays that will simplify your life and provide a home to store, organize and display your jewelry. Say bye to lost earrings. Our customers are lifelong and happy fans (who have all their earrings!).

How It Started

Never Lost Earrings was created after seeing the lack of beautiful and practical earring organizers. I have 3 beautiful daughters and when they were young and starting their teenage years, we had a huge collection of earrings that spread from their bedrooms and all over the house.  As a Mom, this was frustrating for me because I love to have things in order.  It seemed like we were constantly looking for matching earrings or the backs to earrings. 

Our Earring Organizer Was Born

We tried different jewelry boxes and the ones with a little compartment didn’t work because the earrings got all mixed up, and it took time to find the pairs. The wire stands didn’t work because they were too complicated and looked messy. Plus with both solutions, we had to take off the backs of earrings. Such a hassle! Instead, their earrings ended up loose on top of the dresser or fell on the floor and I would step on them. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind.  I love to make and create new things, so I decided to come up with a solution.  I wanted to create a jewelry box, stand, or some type of earring holder that actually worked.  So with just a few resources, a lot of trial and error, I made my first Acrylic Stand.  It worked and the girls and I loved it.

Then I gave it to my friends to test out and they loved it.  This gave me the confidence to open my Etsy store in 2013.

One of the reasons people love my Jewelry Boxes is because of the unique foam I use. It’s an industrial-grade type foam that will last for years. Earrings can be inserted with the backs on. So they stay put, organized, and displayed so you can see your earrings.

Sales have been steady and my orders double every year. In fact, I’ve sold over 9,500 jewelry boxes and organizers.

It’s been an exciting ride.  Learning how to sell a product and create my own business has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it all because I love everything I do.

Never Lost Earrings is on its way to becoming a big brand and I can’t wait to be the #1 Jewelry and Earring Organizer found in stores across the world.

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