FAQ - Never Lost Earrings

How many PAIRS of earrings does the Tin Organizer w/extra insert hold?

60 small PAIRS, but this can be less depending on the size of your earrings.

Which organizer is best for me?

Look at the space you want to keep your earrings.  If you have countertop space, I suggest my Double Frame Organizer or Acrylic Stands.  If you have wall space with room to hang necklaces, I suggest one of my Hanging Organizers.   But if you want to keep it secure in a drawer, the Tins and Trays work perfect.

How does this foam work?

The foam I use is thick and dense.  This is why you can keep the earrings BACKS ON.  Your earrings will stay firm and won’t fall out and won’t move during travel.  You simply press down on the cut line and gently insert your earrings into it.  It won’t tear or break apart.  You can use the same space over and over again, making a “home” for each pair. 

What kind of earrings can I use in the foam?

You can use all types of earrings in the foam.  Hook Earrings, Stud Earrings, Post Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Clip-on Earrings & all types of Body Jewelry.

Can I store rings in the foam?

Yes, most rings work with my foam.   However… the thick band, costume rings are too wide to fit into the cut lines and don’t work and won’t stay.

Will body jewelry work in the foam?

Yes, most body jewelry will work in the foam.  However, wide gauges and plugs are too big to insert into the thin cut lines. 

Can I change the direction of your hanging organizers?

Yes, I can make the hanging organizers to hang vertical or horizontal.  Just send me a note to request a different direction. 

What’s the difference between the white foam and the black foam?

Nothing.  Just the color.  Just keep in mind that over time the white will become dirty and won’t hide the dust.  This is from prior communication with previous customers who have used the white foam.

Can you customize?

Yes!!!  I love to create new things.  Send me a message and I will gladly work with you to find the perfect solution to display and store your earrings.

What if I already have a jewelry box?

Perfect!  Keep it and let me cut a custom piece to fit inside so you can display and see all your earrings without having them roll around and trying to find all your pairs. 

How long will it take to receive my product?

I have an OCD condition when it comes to delivery and my orders!!  LOL As soon as I get your order, I start making it the next day and most likely it will be in the mail ASAP.  I don’t like to keep my customer’s waiting and I don’t like to have my orders sitting in my shop.  The only time I have been backed up on my orders is when I have taken a quick holiday or break for some much needed rest!!!

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