Earring Organizer - 5x7 Black Frame - Gold Metal Screen - Hook & Stud Earring Holder

Earring Organizer - 5x7 Black Frame - Gold Metal Screen - Hook & Stud Earring Holder


This Beautiful Standing Earring Organizer will make your life simple when it comes to displaying and keeping track of your earrings.

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This Double Framed Earring Holder is the perfect size to display and organize your earrings.

I've taken two 5x7 Black Frames, hinged them together to make a free standing display to organize and store your earrings and rings.

* One side is made with my custom foam where you simply insert the earrings with the BACKS ON.

There are 12 precut slots.

Each cut line can hold 5 pairs of small earrings.

So this can easily hold up to 50 small pairs of stud earrings, but could be less depending on size of earrings.

* The other side has a Gold metal decorative screen where you can hook your earrings into the small hole


This beautiful Jewelry Organizer is perfect to sit on top of your dresser or countertop.

You will never lose another earring again!

This comes in different sizes: 8x10 & 4x6. Please see other listings.

I also make this same item in a Black Frame Color. Please see other listings.

This also comes with a Silver Metal Screen: Please see other listings.

LET ME CUSTOMIZE AND CREATE ! If you have an existing jewelry box, I can custom make the foam insert to fit. Please email measurements of box and I will quote you a price. I charge .20 per square inch, plus shipping.

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I guarantee you will LOVE this product.

It just WORKS!

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