Hanging Jewelry Organizer - Half and Half Design - 13x17 Black Frame

Hanging Jewelry Organizer - Half and Half Design - 13x17 Black Frame


If you have A LOT of Jewelry, this is the perfect Organizer for you!

Metal Screen Color:
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This is the Ultimate 3-n-1 Solution to Organize all your Jewelry.

#1 - 17 NECKLACE and BRACELET Hooks

#2 - SILVER or GOLD Metal Screen to use with HOOK EARRINGS.

#3 - Custom Foam Piece to use with STUD & POST EARRINGS, HOOP EARRINGS, & RINGS

I've taken my Original Hanging Jewelry Organizer and combined the 3 options...FOAM - METAL SCREEN - NECKLACE & BRACELET HOOKS

It will accommodate EVERY type of Earring they make, PLUS there is a home for your NECKLACES and BRACELETS too!!

This Baby will hold A LOT!!! of Jewelry!!

Here are the specifics...

The Black Frame Measures 13X17 with 1/2 Foam Piece & 1/2 Metal Screen in the Center.

* It is made with my unique custom foam which is stiff and does not fall apart.

* Your Jewelry will stay firm and not fall out. You can re-insert your jewelry back into their original places each time.

* You just simply insert the earrings into the foam with THE BACKS ON!!

* No more taking them apart to store or organize. That's why I love this system. It is so easy to use and keeps your jewelry organized.

* The foam front has 23 precut lines that will hold at least 6-8 pairs of small earrings per line. So this will hold at least 100 pairs of small earrings.

HOWEVER.... this can be less depending on the size and type of earrings and rings you have. PLEASE LOOK AT PICTURES TO SEE HOW THIS MAY BE.

The back comes with picture hanging hardware & wire to hang on wall. Please see picture.

This Organizer can be made with the Gold or Silver Metal Screen - Please indicate Color at time of Order

This Organizer also comes in a WHITE frame - See other listings

If this size is too big, I make this in a smaller 8x10 size. - See other listings.

PLEASE contact me if you have any questions on how to use my products or which option is best for you. I would love to help you get organized.


LET ME CUSTOMIZE AND CREATE ! If you have an existing jewelry box, I can custom make the foam insert to fit. Please email measurements of box and I will quote you a price. I charge .20 per square inch, plus shipping.

Check my Social Media for upcoming promotions, jewelry organization ideas & updates.


I guarantee you will LOVE my organizers.

This is the BEST 3-n-1 Jewelry Organizer and will make your life simple.