Small Tin Jewelry Box - Travel Organizer

Small Tin Jewelry Box - Travel Organizer


The Perfect Travel Tin!

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Introducing the "Little Sister" to my Tin Jewelry Box.

This SMALLER Tin Box is PERFECT for TRAVEL, or for any girl who doesn't have a lot of earrings, but needs to get them organized and easy to find.

This unique custom foam is designed to securely hold your post/stud earrings in place WITH THE BACKS ON.

Just simply insert your earring into the pre-cut slots which can be used over and over again.

You will never lose the earrings and they won't move during travel.

Box Measures exactly 5 x 3-5/8 x 1-1/2" deep: (3x5)

The BOTTOM FOAM piece is securely glued to the bottom and has 6 pre-cut lines. It is not designed to come out.

The Tin has a hinged, clear top lid so you can see inside from the top.

Together, you can easily store 24 small pairs of earrings, but this can be less depending on the size of earrings you have and how many rings you use.

* This system works perfect for all types of earrings, rings and body jewelry!

*Stud Earrings *Hook Earrings *Hoop Earrings * Helix Rings *Nose Rings *Tragus Rings * Septum Rings

* If you want more color, I offer this Tin with a Jeweled Ribbon Design - Please see other listings

* It comes in a bigger size (4x6) with an extra insert to hold more earrings. - Please see other listings

* If you love Unicorns or Mermaids - See my Unicorn and Mermaid Decal Tin's.


* If you have an existing jewelry box, I can custom make the foam insert to fit. Please email measurements of box and I will quote you a price. I charge .20 per square inch, plus shipping.

I am always creating new and exciting products to help organize your jewelry.

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Think of all the people who need one of these in their life!

It's the perfect gift!

* Earrings and rings in picture are not included.